Heavy things.

The key to happiness is lifting heavy things.

I’m currently sitting at over a week post-Festivus. Whew. The competition experience is like no other. Going into it my goal was simply to use this as a measuring stick of where my fitness has arrived. Festivus did not disappoint. As I mentioned before, I entered my very first one two months into my CrossFit journey, coming from a nonexistent athletic background other than running a handful of races for fun, and placing last. Dead last. When after three workouts I realized I sat in 3rd overall, it got real. I have an engine, and this last season of work was just the first tuneup. Unfortunately, the last workout didn’t go as I planned so I ended with a 6th place overall finish out of 19 in my division. Not too shabby. The workouts were as I expected, and it was quite the day. Lots of friends, family, and athletes around. All the other athletes from our gym all did well, with a couple making it into the final workout. Win, win, win. Next time around I’ll be in those finals. I honestly didn’t expect to love the experience as much as I did, while coaching and competing at the same time.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. And most likely will this coming April. And here’s why. To really grow, to see change, we must be tested. Challenge yourself. Crave the test. All the fitness in the world is great, but we can’t forget why we spend the hours in the gym. Using your fitness is what counts. Chasing kids. Climbing stairs. Lifting stuff. whatever the case may be be. But without the fire, with out the test, we miss out on striving for the next level. And I don’t mean always in competition, but in the constant test we call life.

So here’s what I walked away with from this round of competition. I’m better than I was a year ago. I’m better than I was a month ago. No matter if I’m doing in in front of a room full of people or an empty gym between classes, I’m going to lift heavy things as often as I can, row, run, even do burpees. Because it makes me happy. Because it makes me feel amazing. And because it makes me better prepared for life.

IMG_0006During “Dead, Deader, Deadest….”

And on that note…..oh look! Weights! See you guys in a few days! -m


4 thoughts on “Heavy things.

  1. Kim Akken

    Love your outlook, Meredith. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the encouragement every time I come to the gym. I, too, love the way lifting and working out makes me feel. And it has improved every aspect of my life!

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