Finding focus, plus new stuff to love this Friday 

Happy Friday, folks!

As the holiday season inches closer, (with Halloween tomorrow!) I’ve decided today to share a couple new habits I’ve committed to now in order to keep my routine and focus during the upcoming season of busy-ness. I’ll follow those with a few things I’ve discovered lately that I think you’ll love too…..just for funsies! 

  1. I have consistently struggled with daily quiet time. Scriptures. Prayer. A minute to focus on starting my day in the right direction. I needed a starting place, with the goal to make this commitment even bigger into the new year. With an alarm feature this app for my iPhone reminds me to stop and give Him the first five minutes of my day.  
    Screen shot of today’s First5.
  2. Schedule everything. Track everything. Workouts. Meal prep. Dish planning. Not just the events and social stuff. I mean every day carving out workout time, reminders to prep dishes for the rest of the week. If you’re scheduling and tracking, you’re less likely to forget things like your workouts or nutrition….or let them slide. Two basic tools I love are good ol iCal that pops up on all my devices and myfitnesspal ( that I can access from anywhere as well. iCal keeps my schedule handy, while myfitnesspal lets me keep an eye on my macronutrient intake. Tracking will become your voice of reason when you’re facing the third holiday party of the week (hello sausage puffs or pumpkin cheesecake). Logging workouts will give you that sense of accomplishment that you’re sticking to plan during this time. Over the years I’ve done this intermittently, but this season I’m all in committed!
  3. Ok….funsies alert! So I mentioned a post or two ago how my love for coffee has become rekindled! While doing the Whole30 this second time around I discovered an awesome recipe for non-dairy creamer which allowed me to once more partake in the magical powers of coffee! So I gave a local brand a whirl at a recent farmers market here in town and instantly fell in love with Porch Culture Coffee. I fully committed as a monthly subscriber and love the fact that I’m supporting local!  
    most delicious beans evah!
  4. Ok, so this last one is sort of a combo of my latest favorite CrossFit accessories! I recently won a giveaway on Instagram by RokFit and took the chance to order one of their t-shirts I’ve had my eye on. Super soft, washed well, lightweight….and features coffee, my most days’ pre workout of choice! Secondly, I’ve been a fan of FitAid for a while for recovery, while being Paleo friendly. Tastes great and makes me feel much better after an exceptionally intense WOD. Last of my favorites in this group would be Progenex Recovery in Peanut Butter Smash. Ah-mazing. One of the best tasting protein shakes I’ve had in a long time! Definitely feel a difference in my recovery as well. When on a Whole30 I take a break from it (some non compliant ingredients) but get back to it afterwards. Great stuff!   
    All my lovelies 🙂

Well, hope you picked up a tip or two, or maybe saw something new you’d like to try! As for me, setting the coffee pot up for in the morning, heading out to our box in Lindale for a Halloween fitness party! Don’t forget to start tomorrow with a little fitness, and make it fun! -m


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