Trotting, Thanking, and Turkey-ing

Interrupting my normal blogging schedule this week (oops and last week too) because, well, life is crazy.

Last week we started on replacing all the carpet in the house. Oh. My. Word. That pretty much took all my attention and fired up some OCD. Whew. At least we are in shape to holiday decorate now (after Thanksgiving). Then this week here comes Thanksgiving. Massive cooking.

So last year I skipped the local Tyler Turkey Trot. Then got bummed looking at everyone’s Facebook statuses and pictures. So this year I decided to hop back in. We assembled a team for my CrossFit gym and it will be a lot of fun running with these guys! No expectation of a time, just fun. Dani will be doing her second kid’s race which is also exciting!

This year I have so much to be thankful for. My health, my family, my incredible friends, the opportunities….I could go on and on. This month marks a year since I joined the GymFed family of athletes and coaches, for which I’m very thankful for. Tomorrow as we run, we feast, we work, let’s take a minute to really be thankful. To meditate on the things that God has put in our lives. maybe they weren’t our plan, but His plan, and that’s ok. Maybe unexpected, planned blessings.


Thank Him.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll! Watch the blog next week for the race recap!-m



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