About runningmere…..


Hi there! I’m Meredith, otherwise known as Mom, Coach, Mere. A few years ago I decided to live my life just a bit differently than I had for the first thirty-something years. Now at the beginning of my forties, I’ve left my 200 pound version behind and upgraded to entering the fittest season of my life. Over these years I took up distance running and CrossFit, and after shedding 50+ pounds in process there’s no way I could keep quiet about all the lessons, mistakes, and victories along the way, so I became a NASM certified trainer and shortly after a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. I currently train and coach out of GymFed CrossFit here in East Texas. I love to work with people in a group or individual setting, building general fitness, increasing conditioning, or preparing for that next race. There’s nothing like the comraderie found within the running and CrossFit communities. Watching people break through boundaries they never though possible, from all backgrounds, all ages, absolutely no place I’d rather be! Just being a part of coaching someone to a new personal best, a first pull-up, a first 5k, nothing like it. My heartbeat is to help others find their fit…..it’s never too late to make a change!

Let me take a second to elaborate on my decision to make a change. It was pretty simple honestly. Facing the start of multiple medications, there in my physician’s office, all I saw was the face of my child in my head. I had to do this for her. As passionate as I may be about fitness, that kiddo beats all. Decision made to find my fit. Maybe that’s where you might find yourself too, I don’t know. But whatever your motivation for change may be, I’d love to come alongside you and help you find your way, through personal one on one training, online coaching, or if you’re local, come join me for a CrossFit class!

So there you go. Most of the time I’ll be talking fitness, faith, mommyhood, coffee love, or a little what the heck should I wear!


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